“…it gave me another idea of what Kubrick was going for… made me see the film in a whole different light.“ -Severin Gmuender

“I sincerely applaud your heartfelt obsessiveness.” - Dan Mohr

“this is brilliant!!” - Zain Assad

“I would't have made any cuts. I wouldn't be so crazy and stupid to risk to be torn apart by [Kubrick] fans all over the world.” - Severin Gmuender



Things I'm personally interested in discussing (however feel free to comment however you would like):

1) How did you arrive here?
2) When was the last time you watched Eyes Wide Shut?
3) What do you feel the original film is truly about?
4) How did this version compare? Did it "work" for you?
5) Were there any parts of this version that you think didn't make sense from a story perspective?
6) What cuts would you have made?

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. I look forward to some deep discussions.